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Doug Williams

email: dwilliams@webstercapital.com

Mr. Williams is a Partner in the consumer practice at Webster. He is a seasoned senior apparel and accessories executive with broad experience in wholesale, licensing, retail, mergers and acquisitions, product sourcing and international business development.

Williams is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of several family owned companies including: W Diamond Group Corp., W Diamond Ventures, LLC, Barolo Holdings, LLC and Shrine Pass Investments, LLC.

W Diamond Group was established to acquire the operating assets of HMX Group, LLC. HMX Group, LLC entered chapter 11 bankruptcy in the Fall of 2012 after its International parent group was unable to provide the prescribed funding to execute its continuing turn around. Led by Mr. Williams the W Diamond Group has successfully executed a restructuring which has eliminated in excess of $30 million of debt, preserved more than 1,000 American manufacturing jobs and delivers industry leading EBITDA margins. W Diamond Group today generates in excess of $60 million in revenue and employs approximately 500 individuals in the Chicago, IL.

Shrine Pass Investments was established in 2015 to facilitate the acquisition of Hugo Boss Tailored Clothing factory in Brooklyn, OH by its Keystone Holdings division preserving more than 100 American manufacturing jobs. Shrine Pass Investments subsequently acquired the Zanella Tailored Clothing factory in Vicenza Italy through its Vicenza Holdings division employs approximately 100 individuals.

W Diamond Ventures was established to assist small, high growth, premium branded companies in their business development. His clients saw significant increases in their financial performance while improving the management of their core operations and management of their financial resources. W Diamond Ventures continues to advise Brand Owners in the apparel and accessories industry.

Prior to branching out on his own, Mr. Williams rose to the position of Group President of the Ralph Lauren Corporation. During his 16 year career with Ralph Lauren, Mr. Williams held senior sales positions in the men’s wholesale group, leadership positions in licensing, international business development and new business segments. In 1999, he initiated the concept of Ralph Lauren Media, developed the partnership with NBC and secured the funding to launch the business. Mr. Williams led the initial integration of the Polo Ralph Lauren Europe business upon the acquisition from the long time licensee. In 2002 and 2003, Mr. Williams led the acquisition teams and successfully completed the transactions for Polo Ralph Lauren Japan Ltd and the Ralph Lauren Childrenswear Company. Also in 2003, Mr. Williams oversaw the relaunch of the Lauren Ralph Lauren Womenswear business upon the termination of the license. During his career with Ralph Lauren, Mr. Williams built a reputation of developing creative strategies for challenges and opportunities that were presented and successfully executing company initiatives. Mr. Williams resigned from Polo Ralph Lauren Corporation in August of 2004.

Mr. Williams partnered with the Brentwood Associates to purchase the CC Filson Company in Seattle, Washington. CC Filson Company is a 110 year old manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer of outdoor apparel. Mr. Williams assumed the role of interim CEO, launched a collection of product to bring the brand out of the field. Upon the hiring of the permanent CEO, Mr. Williams assumed the role of Non Executive Chairman of the Board in 2006. Mr. Williams resigned his role as Chairman in December of 2007.

Mr. Williams is a 1987 Graduate of The University of Tulsa with a Bachelor's of Science in Business Administration and a concentration in Corporate Finance.

In addition to responsibilities with the W Diamond Group, Mr. Williams sits on multiple boards and is actively involved in the support of charities focused on persons with Autism.

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